Zlatibor in 10 years the Golden City


The leaders of the Municipality of Čajetina, in the year marking the 120th anniversary of organised tourism in Zlatibor, have announced new investment which will transform the mountain into a European tourist destination in the coming decade.

The President of the Municipality, Milan Stamatović, told Tanjug that the construction of the longest panoramic lift in the world, nine kilometres long running from Zlatibor to Tornik, is about to start and that will cost 9.95 million euros.

“We have been working on this project for five years. We have followed the whole procedure, and soon we will to make the first payment to the equipment manufacturer, the French company Pomagalski, so that construction can finally start”, said Stamatović.

He pointed out that the Municipality of Čajetina had not received any state support or guarantees for the project’s realisation; however, these were granted by Pomagalski, whose insurance company has agreed to underwrite the project and its construction.

“The 370 million RDS advance has been raised by selling the plot at the starting station at Obudojevica, and we are planning to sell two further plots. Hotel owners in Zlatibor are also interested in taking part in the project in the form of a private-public partnership, so financing the Gondola’s construction isn’t going to be a problem”, said Stamatović.

The President of the Municipality of Čajetina announced that, in the next ten years, the Golden City will be built along the Gondola’s route towards Ribnica and Tornik, which will be devoted to health and sports as well as recreational tourism.

“We are currently organising public procurement for the production of the master plan for the area, after which we will start building the infrastructure. There won’t be any individual building; instead, we have opted to construct only high-class hotels with sports facilities as well as another sports hall in the area”, said Stamatović.

The centre of the Golden City will be Lake Ribničko, from which Zlatibor now receives its water supply. By the construction of water supply line Sušica and Dobroselička reka, the local population will get a new water-supply system, while Lake Ribničko will become a new centre for sports tourism.

“As soon as the master plan has been finished, the land owned by the municipality will be offered to investors. As it is known for a fact that a 6-acre plot at Obudojevica was sold for a million euros, we expect to clinch another deal of three-million euros for the communal equipping and regulation of the construction area”, said Stamatović.

The deadline for the construction of the gondola lift from Zlatibor to Tornik is December 2016. and during its construction the Golden City will also be built by Lake Ribničko,.

“Our aim is to increase the number of visitors to Zlatibor in the next ten years, to make it grow from today’s 250,000 to a million on an annual basis, with 10 million overnight stays”, said the Tanjug’s guest.

Stamatović also emphasised that the realisation of all these projects will help position Zlatibor as a distinguished high-class tourist destination meeting European requirements.

Source: B92

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