Thousands of volunteers on work action “People building gondola”

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Work action “People building gondola” brought together several thousand volunteers from Cajetina, Zlatibor district and all parts of Serbia who started on setting up the first pillars of the panoramic gondola on the starting station, in the center of Zlatibor.


This work action, which has been supported by Zlatibor inhabitants and our friends throughout Serbia, along with trumpeters and hot drinks, is only the first in a series of activities that will be organized by the municipality of Cajetina until the completion of the nine-kilometer long gondola.


– Zlatibor today, together with the people, defends people’s property from the profligate regime and those who want to seize the land on which the world’s longest gondola should be built. They accuse us that we want to build illegally and that we do not have the necessary documentation, which is not true. The point is that they themselves do not respect the laws and the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Serbia, which made it clear that the subject of privatization of state capital can not be a land. I am asking them why, after ten years of Cajetina municipality efforts, they don’t want to correct the injustice and assigned the disputed land to the State of Serbia – said Milan Stamatovic, Mayor of Cajetina, at the opening of work action in the center of Zlatibor, which announced the beginning of construction work on the “Gold gondola Zlatibor” attended by thousands of volunteers from the Zlatibor district and Serbia.


Stamatovic publicly demonstrated the complete documentation for the construction of the panoramic gondola, which includes the possession list, where it is stated that the land, where the gondola should be built, is owned by the Serbian state.


– Is our state property extraneous for the authorities, when they accuse us that we want to build on someone else’s land? If the regime doesn’t see this documentation, I am asking them do they see these people who voluntarily came to our work action? This is a clear message for them that they must respect the will of people. I demand that they clearly state whether this land has been donated to their party comrades or to the foreign investors with surname ic – said Stamatovic.


– We want to encourage all the people around Serbia, who have not had the courage to oppose profligates, to tell those same profligates that they make mistakes in the privatization of national property because they have to preserve their own, just like Zlatibor inhabitants will protect their property. Regardless of the consequences and the harassment that await us, we will keep our resources.

He denied the specific allegations that some people came to work action under duress and asked, “if any, they may leave immediately.”

The Mayor of Cajetina appealed to “Belgrade to keep its PKB, as well as all those in Serbia from whom in the process of privatization the national property is being seized “on the same matrix for twenty years”.


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