Although promised, still without construction permit for the fifth phase


The Mayor of Cajetina Milan Stamatovic reacted to the decision of the construction inspector of the Ministry of Construction which requires that, after the work action, all the land must be returned to its original condition. Just two days after the realized work action “People building gondola” which gathered several thousand volunteers from Cajetina, Zlatibor district and all parts of Serbia who started on setting up the first pillars of the panoramic gondola on the starting station, in the center of Zlatibor, a solution of the construction inspector of the Ministry of Construction arrived to the municipality Cajetina, although the construction permit of the fifth phase is still pending.


Stamatovic recalls that the state and competent ministries are obstructing the construction of the “Gold gondola Zlatibor” for two years as well as solving the property-legal relations on the route of the future gondola, in favor of those who want to take public land from people.


Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure hypocritically repeats its call for Cajetina municipality to submit a request for the issuance of the construction permit, which was done on 9 February. The request was submitted for the fifth, final phase, as soon as the state bureaucracy completed its part of the job, which has not been done for the remaining four phases. Just a day after the submitting the complete documentation, the competent minister announced the issuance of a construction permit during the day. However, the bureaucratic mechanism again showed all the methods of obstruction a project worth 13 million euros, which is fully funded by the Municipality of Cajetina. Ministry requested additional documentation relating to the possession list for plots that were brought from private individuals, although Municipality of Cajetina submitted an agreement whereby the process is completed, which should be valid documentation. The agreements of Municipality and EPS regarding infrastructure were also requested and submitted, but the Ministry didn’t approve it. The Municipality tried to contact the Ministry on the 13th of February, but no one answered the phone. This indicates that the Ministry does not have the good will to help in a construction of “Gold gondola Zlatibor”.


Director of the enterprise “Gold Gondola” Zlatibor, Bojana Bozanic declared that the Zlatibor gondola has all the paperwork and everything will be delivered within the legal deadline. “We are on stand-by, only because of someone up there in the office, does not like the fact of gondola being built, as well as the fact that the entire Serbia and Zlatibor can be at the top of the world map of touristic attractions. Is that a defiance, if we are on the side of Serbia and our people? We are looking for ways to move forward, not reasons to stop and obstruct something”, she added.


The Mayor of Cajetina Milan Stamatovic recalled the news from 2012, which refers to the case of the gondola on Stara Planina which was built without any papers and permits. “It still works, and it should work because our mountain resorts need to grow and generate income! I’m making a comparison: our gondola, with our regular papers and submitted request for the construction permit, has been rejected out of pure spite because someone said that Zlatibor can not have a gondola! If they want, they can always find a way, but if not in their interest, they can find a thousand and one reasons to hold us back, “said Stamatovic.


The construction of nine kilometers long gondola in Zlatibor is the most important tourism project in the municipality of Cajetina, which leads to achieving the objectives of the municipality in the next decade – 10 million overnight stays and a million visitors a year on Zlatibor and its district. “Gold gondola Zlatibor” is the investment of national importance, worth 13 million euros. Last week the first cabin was transported to Zlatibor by the renowned French company and during the last year, the last convoy of eleven trucks of equipment needed for the construction arrived. Contractors have been selected in a public tender, and are still waiting to start the construction.


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