The Zlatibor Gold Gondola Lift, the longest such panoramic lift in the world, is a new tourist attraction.

At nine kilometers long, this state-of-the-art air route will connect the center of Zlatibor with the ski center of Tornik, via Lake Ribničko, where a stopover station will be located. The gondola lift will transport 1,200 passengers every hour and the journey will take about 25 minutes.

The longest gondola lift in the world.

The Zlatibor Gold Gondola Lift, at nine kilometers long, holds the record for the longest gondola lift in the world. The previous record was held by the Tianmen Shan cable car (7.4 km) in Zhangjiajie National Park in China, where the blockbuster movie Avatar was filmed, for which James Cameron won the Oscar for best film.

The lift’s central point will be the stopover station at Lake Ribničko, where the New Zlatibor project is planned to be developed (high-class 200-acre tourist resort).

It is estimated that the lift will recoup its investment within 10 years, when Mount Zlatibor is expected to have become the most-visited tourist destination in Serbia and the surrounding region, with 10 m overnight stays and around 1 m visitors.

The whole of the gondola’s structure has been produced in cooperation with a renowned French manufacturing company POMA, complying with the highest environmental standards. Adherence to the global ecological standards, which has been strictly maintained during construction, is in line with the Municipality of Čajetina’s aim to become the first ecological municipality in Serbia.

What the Zlatibor Gold Gondola Lift will offer skiers, picnickers, adventurers, day-trippers and all other visitors is a breath-taking view of Zlatibor.



The Zlatibor “Gold Gondola” company whose core operation is public transport, was founded in 2015, upon the municipality of Čajetina’s decision. Apart from generating revenue from its core business, the company also engaged in marketing activities.

The Zlatibor Gold Gondola project is worthwhile not only in terms of expanding the area’s current tourism offer but also the existing investment plan. Serbia’s tourism project of the century is expected to breathe new life into the tertiary sector in the Zlatibor region, as well as western Serbia.



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