Find out what there is to see along the Gondola’s route.
What can you see and where can you get to?

After visiting the adventure park at the Gold Gondola’s starting station, get ready for yet another adventure taking place up in the air. Apart from sightseeing Zlatibor’s places of interest from the sky, a visit to Lake Ribničko is a wonderful experience both in summer and winter, while a stay at Tornik, the Gondola’s terminal station, is sure to bring...



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Exclusive offers of accommodation as well as the packages created for adventurer seekers, recreation lovers, families or couples will be published on the site monthly and distributed through our newsletter. Hear about our discounts, new services and bargains and be the first to know about our special offers open to only a limited number of users...

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Sviđa mi se Zlatibor od detinjstva. Od malena je nekako ... 1 1
Turistička Organizacija Zlatibor je nastupila na sajmu turizma,kampinga i kamp ... 0 3
Gold Gondola Zlatibor
Uspešna promocija Zlatibora u Austriji i Nemačkoj | Gold gondola...
Turistička Organizacija Zlatibor je nastupila na sajmu turizma,kampinga i kamp ... Comments Срећно вам било.Једино још вама верујем од свих који се нешто питају. Живели Бојана и Милан Стамат и цела екипа.
Karavan mimoze stiže na Zlatibor u četvrtak 17. januara.
Mažoretkinje ...
0 3
Doček Srpske nove godine u drugom Dnevniku RTS-a. 0 2
Program je počeo oko 18 časova paljenjem ostataka badnjaka, da ... 0 2
Померен концерт Јелене Гербец и Небојше Војводића за 16. фебруар

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